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I’ve been in the blogging game for a minute now…I think it’s time I properly introduced myself. Here are 10 things that you probably don’t know about me!

1. My name is Michaela and I’m 24 years old

You might have known these two details already. But if not, there it is, my name and age!

2. I study Biotechnology in Toronto, ON

I’m in my second year of an advanced Biotechnology diploma program. In this program, I learn about genetics, computer science associated with biological issues (bioinformatics), and loads of other amazing things about microbiology, biochemistry and more. It’s honestly a tough program. This type of stuff doesn’t always come naturally to me so I have to work hard for my grades. But it’s so worth it!

3. I have a pet lizard

I have had my bearded dragon for about 3 years now. His name is Thor and he’s the cutest little thing there ever was. I never pictured myself as the type of girl to own a lizard but he was a class pet at a school in my city and I offered to watch him over the spring break. Unfortunately, it turns out many of the kids didn’t like him and he wasn’t getting the proper care he needed. The school said I could just keep him since he got attached to me while I took care of him. And now he’s my little pal for good! He’s only 4 years old but has the attitude of a teenager. Seriously, he will glare at me if I don’t pick him up and hang out.

Another note…anyone who thinks lizards don’t like cuddling just as much as puppies is wrong. Thor LOVES to come out of his cage and sit with me while I do homework and when I put him in the bath he splashes around as if it’s the best day he’s ever had. I never thought I’d have a pet lizard but I’m glad I have Thor now.

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Not a good quality photo, but that is Thor and I celebrating his 2nd birthday!

4. I have lots of brothers and sisters

I have one traditional brother (age 23) and sister (almost age 20). Then I have two half-brothers (ages 9 and 11) from my mother’s second marriage. And two stepsisters and one stepbrother from on my dad’s side (between ages 28-32). That’s 8 “siblings” total. The two stepsisters have kids so I’ve got one two nephews (ages 3 and 1 month old) and one niece (almost age 2). Unfortunately, they all live far away as I moved for school.

5. I had most of my childhood in a small town

I grew up in Terrace Bay, ON, Canada. Then moved to Thunder Bay after my parent’s divorce, which is about two or three hours away depending on road conditions. Terrace Bay has a population of about 1500-2500…I think. It’s hard to tell because most people in town work in the paper mill and if the mill shuts down and people get laid off, they leave town and the population fluctuates. I believe the sign outside the city says 2000 people now.

6. I lived in England for almost a year

I hate my mother…I’m aware that sounds so whiny but I’ve got good reasons and I don’t feel I need to list them on this blog. When I had the opportunity to leave home at age 18 I did as soon as I could. Literally…On my 18th birthday, I hopped on a plane to England and didn’t return for 7 or 8 months. I had been a girl guide/scout during my childhood and found out there was an opportunity to work at one of the world centres as a volunteer for a few months.

While I was there I did simples tasks like chores around the building and cooking for guests but later got a new position where I could teach visiting girls new traditions and activities and plan events. That experience was so challenging but shaped me into the hard-working person I am today. When an organization allows you to live with them in London, Egland for an extended period of time, they expect you to work for it. It was difficult but definitely, something that changed my life and I made friends that I still have today…even if they live in all different parts of the world.

7. I write music

Even many of the people I talk to on a daily basis don’t know I write music. And not to brag but I’m pretty good at it, too. When I was 20 years old, I had a piece of my music in a student film…it was about a 30 second sound clip but I was SO proud! Since then I’ve stopped writing so much as I no longer have a piano or the proper equipment to produce anything. But I have a keyboard in my room that I pull out every once in a while. My genre is…well classical I guess. But I like to mix in electronic beats to keep it interesting. Here’s a photo of Thro trying to get my attention while I was working on some new music.

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8. I don’t like yoga

I know this blog is all about wellness but I can’t stand yoga…someitmes. The strength you get from holding poses and how relaxing you feel after a yoga workout are great but I hate the chanting and weird stuff that comes with yoga. I practice yoga on my own rather than in a class because I hate the meditation aspect of it. I’m not a very spiritual person but do still I meditate…on my own terms. I never feel relaxed at the end of a yoga class when I have to sit there breathing for 5-10 minutes in silence. I’d much prefer to do it on my own to see the benefits. I occasionally take a yoga class but if the instructor starts talking about chakras or crystals I’m out of there.

9. I struggled with eating disorders

I’m 5’7 and so I know that being 115-ish pounds is too small for that height. I lied to everyone I knew. In fact, I even lied to doctors and people who were trying to help me. But I didn’t care and ended up in the hospital. It destroyed relationships. I almost died and, at the time, I didn’t even care. I will eventually write a whole blog post about this but this is something that almost destroyed, and ended, my life.

I still struggle almost every day but I’ve been out of treatment for 7 months now and feel better than ever. I love my muscles now. Before working out seemed to be for nothing because it only exhausted me and I didn’t consume enough protein to build any muscles (and therefore tone up). I’m a big fan of my body now and I hope my future blog post on the subject will help anyone else who is struggling.

10. Why I wrote this blog

I started this blog because I read a lot of wellness and health-related articles but sometimes the claims are so far off-base that it can actually be harmful to someone trying out those tips, diets, workouts, etc. I’m all for wellness, but the practical, logical aspects of wellness are what I want to portray. I’m never going to tell you that putting crystals up your vagina is going to change your life (I’m not even making this up…it’s an actual trend). I wanted to read about wellness trends but also read about why they were effective if at all, and who they were best for. Being the skeptic I am, I often didn’t trust a lot of these magazines and websites I was reading from…So I decided to write about what works for me after trying things out myself.

Anything I write about is working for me and if I’ve become a healthier, happier person because of something I’ve done or used, why not share it? So that’s the main motivation for me to write this blog.


I hope you enjoyed these 10 things about me. Let me know something about yourself in the comments! I love hearing about my readers 🙂



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