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Today, I’m working hard on getting photos done of all the meals and prizes for the Love Wellness Weekend Challenge starting April 14-15. This means that this week I will be testing and writing up all the recipes or the final draft!

I’m so excited to see the website absolutely explode this week! We have so many new women in the Love Wellness community! I’m very grateful for every single one of you. Let’s keep the community growing!! Share the challenge on social media and get your girlfriend to sign up with you.

The challenge is only 2 days and you will be surprised what such a short time spent being as healthy as possible can do. If you feel like going longer, alternate the two days over the period of a week (that is what I will be doing this week to test the recipes) and you will see even better results.

Share the weekend challenge and check out the sneak peek of Sanne Vander’s easy at-home model workout for Day 1 of the challenge.

Self-Care Series

The self-care series is my favourite topic to post about! Unfortunately, because I’m so busy this week with the upcoming challenge, I haven’t had time to prepare a self-care routine for everyone. But don’t worry. Next week will be a “Happy Home” self-care routine that teaches you how to clean your home and the importance of doing so for your well-being.

In the meantime, check out these top posts! If you’re a new reader, let me see you in the comments below and if you have a blog, always feel free to link it to your comment. I love finding new bloggers!

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