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As many of you know, this year I’m blogging about the Tone It Up Bikini Series. Week 1 went well but Weeks 2 and 3 had some roadblocks. I ended up in the hospital and couldn’t keep on track with the food I was supposed to eat, nor could I exercise. So this week I’ll talk about what went wrong and how to improve. This is a great article for if you’ve fallen on track and need to know how to motivate yourself again.

Getting Sick

Okay so I’m totally fine, but there was a problem with my gallbladder earlier last week. The doctor doesn’t know what caused it since I don’t eat a high-fat diet and that’s usually what negatively affects the gallbladder. I don’t have gallstones or anything like that so I was released from the hospital. I just have to go back if the pain happens again. What a weird day that was.

Falling Off Track

I’m not going to make excuses. If I’m honest, I took me being in the hospital as a reason to not continue making the healthy choices I had done in weeks 1 and 2 of the bikini series. Towards the end of week 2 is when I got sick and so all of week 3 I ate badly. I didn’t eat fried foods or anything like that but I didn’t continue to eat as clean as I was…so using white flour instead of oat flour, skipping the leafy greens at dinner, and stuff like that. I definitely strayed from the Bikini Series Nutrition Plan. So while my choices weren’t as bad as eating processed foods and fried foods, I still ended up feeling bad and sluggish.

Motivating Myself Again

It’s week 4 now and yesterday I got off to a great start! I did a 10-minute warmup on my exercise bike, then 10-minute model ab workout, then a Tone It Up bikini kettlebell workout (this is actually free on youtube, check it out)! So I feel pretty good about that. I ate healthy and clean, even when my boyfriend took me to lunch, I chose a side salad and added a grilled chicken breast so I had lots of healthy protein and leafy greens. I ate a clean and lean version of taco salad for dinner, which I’ll have again tonight. I’ll take photos of it then upload the recipe to the blog. It’s only 212 calories per large portion and its packed with protein.

Today I did 10 minutes on the exercise bike to warm up, the new Tone It Up Stretch and Sculpt workout, the Sunset Sculpt Workout from earlier in the bikini series.

To get myself motivated again, I started looking at the #tiubikiniseries hashtag on Instagram and saw so many hard-working babes waking up at 4am to get their workout in before their kids woke up, or squeezing in a workout at 10pm because that’s when they got home from a long shift. These girls work so hard and I got so motivated by looking at their posts that I realized I really didn’t have an excuse. Yes, I was in the hospital, but I’m out now and feel fine! Ready to get back to work on my best self!

This Week’s Goals:

  1. Keep up my motivation by checking in on Instagram. It always makes me happy to see other babes doing the same workouts as me!
  2. Continue to avoid eating after dinner. Try having tea or a glass of kombucha instead.
  3. Get in a workout EVERY morning (even if it’s just 10 minutes). Working out in the morning helps me make better choices during the day.

Have a great week everyone! Keep your eyes peeled for my Top Youtube Workout Series this week for the playlist that will work your thighs! (Will be uploaded on Thursday morning).


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