Day 1 – Energize

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April 14 is Day 1 of the Love Wellness Weekend Challenge! I’m SO excited you’re here to join both Sanne and I as we lead you through the next two days of this amazing transformative weekend. First things first, make sure you’ve signed up to get the password for the free weekend guide and meal plan (access by clicking here and entering the password from your email).

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What does today have in store?

  • quick morning workout just to wake you up (about 20-30 minutes)
  • amazing recipes to support muscle tone and recovery
  • afternoon Tone and Sculpt Model Workout by model, influencer and blogger Sanne Vander (access below)
  • wellness activities to get you motivated to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle or reach whatever your goal is!

Today is called the Energize Day because it’s all about getting you pumped up and motivated. Today you’re going to see just how far you can push your body to do the amazing things I know it can do. Your individual goals might be different from another woman’s but we ALL need exercise as part of a balanced lifestyle for our general health.

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Before Breakfast:

First thing this morning you’re going to hop out of bed with excitement for your new beginning. You’re going to put on your cutest workout clothes and MOVE! Go outside for a walk, a run, a jog or throw on a youtube video for 20-30 minutes that gets your heart rate up. The point is to just jump-start your day and get yourself excited and energized. When you’re done fuel that gorgeous body with the Flat-Belly Yogurt Parfait from the meal plan!

After Breakfast:

Today I want you to sit down a think about what it actually is you want to accomplish. Grab a notebook and refer to the digital guide I gave you for writing down three goals for yourself.

My 3 goals are:
1) lose weight (specifically, I want to lose 10 pounds but that is a loose number as I know that sometimes weight can go up when you gain muscle, which I also hope to do).
2) increase my protein intake (to 20-25% of calories from protein sources).
3) increase my endurance (be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping)

When you’re done, be sure to post on Instagram using the hashtag #LWWeekendChallenge so you’re eligible for prizes!


In the afternoon, you’ll be doing Sanne’s Tone and Sculpt Model Workout. If you haven’t seen her youtube videos before, go check them out! This babe is serious #fitgoals! She’s in tune with her body and SO down-to-earth. I love Sanne because she does her workouts right in her living room. You can go right along with her with no equipment and limited space so there are no excuses!


Don’t forget to make a post on Instagram, tag @lovewellnessblog and @vander_fit and use the hashtag #LWWeekendChallenge so we can find you!

1 Grand Prize Winner will get a wellness care package full of goodies
– 1 workout top from Ungalli Clothing Co. made from 100% recycled materials
-3 facemasks
-Guava/Avocado candle from Purity Lab
-headband assortment from Lululemon
-healthy sweets
-progress pocket notebook

5 Runner-Ups will get
– 1 workout top from Ungalli Clothing Co. made from 100% recycled materials
-headband assortment from Lululemon

NOTE: Love Wellness is not affiliated with any of the companies related to the prizes. The challenge is not sponsored by these companies. Prizes were purchase using profits from
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I can’t wait to see your posts!! You got this, babe. I’ll be sending love to every single post I’m tagged in so look out for my comments! Every post counts as one entry!


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