De-Stress Your Life with Essential Oils | Self-Care Series

Today’s Self-Care Series is a guest post by ApotheKayla. Her links and info are at the bottom of this post. Thank you, Kayla, for the wonderful tips! 
essential oils1 - De-Stress Your Life with Essential Oils | Self-Care Series

De-Stress your life with essential oils!

Life can be so hectic! At all ages there are new hurdles to jump over and even when things are going great stress still seems to build up.
Hi, I’m Kayla from ApotheKayla. Michaela has asked me to write a guest post for you on how to de-stress your life using essential oils. I have been using essential oils since 2012. I use them for everything from keeping my home toxic free to balancing emotions and dealing with health concerns.

Take one self-loving minute each day:

Place a drop of lavender or a citrus oil such as wild orange or tangerine on your hands. Rub them together, bring your hands to your face, then take a few deep breaths. Now, for the next minute try to think of nothing. Seriously. Inhaling the aroma of the oil will, on the fourth or fifth day of this one minute de-stress, allow your subconscious to snap into decompress time. The lavender will help to calm nerves and if you choose citrus oils this will help you focus. Thinking of nothing seems silly but picture your mind as a white erase board. Sometimes you run out of space because you have to make room for new thoughts. Erase that board. Wipe it clean for one minute. Then proceed with your day.

Wellness water:

Add one drop of lime or lemon to the bottom of a glass or stainless cup. Fill with water. Drink this to help your body detox chemicals and for an uplifting boost*. I usually drink this as soon as I get in to the office each day.
essential oils2 1 - De-Stress Your Life with Essential Oils | Self-Care Series

Night time ritual:

Create a ritual for yourself. Whether you are taking a nice hot soak in the tub or diffusing your favorite oil make this a habit. Again, your subconscious will begin to connect this with bed-time and your sleep schedule will improve. A good sleep schedule is paramount in dealing with stress. If you prefer to soak in the tub add a few drops of lavender and frankincense to either a tablespoon of Himalayan sea salt or a 1/2 cup of Epsom salt. Then pour into the water. If you are diffusing try vetiver and lavender or roman chamomile and lavender. Turn it on 30 mins before bed and you will be good to go!
I hope these quick tips are helpful. I am so glad that Michaela asked me to share with you all. Please let us know if you have any questions!
De-stress to be your best!
<3, Kayla


*If you are going to take essential oils internally or apply to your skin you will want to make sure your oils are certified pure. Essential oils interact with the body on a molecular level, therefore you do not want pesticides or fertilizers interacting with your blood cells.


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