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Happy Easter, everyone! Today I’ll be telling you all about how to create a happy, healthy, positive space in your home. When you’re ready to clean, throw on that baggy t-shirt and put your hair up because this routine requires some cleaning! I don’t expect you’ll be trying this routine out today as many of you are likely with family but save the link and be sure to try it out when you’re ready to do your spring cleaning.

What you need:

  • cleaning supplies
  • garbage bags
  • music (if it makes you happy to clean with music…it makes it more fun for me!)

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Step One: Get into the mood to clean

Okay, so cleaning isn’t everyone’s favourite thing to do. What I like to do is put on an upbeat playlist. I got a speaker for Christmas that connects to my phone and I didn’t realize how empty my life was before I had it haha. I use my speaker for everything now. It motivates me to meal prep and my Sunday chores if I have some music to move along to. I definitely recommend playing some tunes

Another thing I like to do is light a candle or two. I’ve mentioned before that apple cinnamon is a scent that, for whatever reason, makes me very happy. When I clean, having music and candles on makes it really like a form of self-care, because it is. Having a clean, uncluttered space to live in is so important for your health…both mental and physical.

Step Two: Get rid of clutter

Before you clean, you need to clear the space. Before we go on, let me just point out that you can do these steps one room at a time or you can do them around the entire house before moving tot he next step.

I like to start in my bedroom. I clear out all clothes in my closet and dresser that I no longer wear. I then make my bed (if I don’t need to wash the sheets), and clear off my desk. After I get that done, I move on to my floor. Anything that is on the floor needs to move: unrolled yoga mat, a stray sock, books near my desk, etc.

I then move to the kitchen. I have a living space where I live but I don’t use it very often. I do regular upkeep of it (dusting, sweeping, etc.) but never need to unclutter the room as I don’t ever move anything around in there. As I was saying, on to the kitchen. In the kitchen, I like to clear out the fridge of any leftovers that might have spoiled and clear the cupboards of half-eaten packages of food. I don’t throw them out because that would be wasteful but I move them into containers to preserve freshness and clear out some space. For example, a half-used package of quinoa can be moved into a glass container. The packages go into recycling or garbage, depending on if the package is an accepted material to recycle in my city.

Next, the bathroom. Clear out the garbage, anything you no longer use under the sink and all products that are on top of the counter should be moved before you clean so you do not have to clean around them.

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Step Three: Clean

Back to the bedroom! I like to start by dusting. My bookshelf collects a ridiculous amount of dust so I get that done before starting on the floors. While I clean, I open the windows to allow fresh air to come into the room. I wipe down my desk and my bedside table, wash the sheets (if I haven’t already done it recently), and then sweep the floors.

In the kitchen,  I open the windows first. Then I start cleaning. I usually start with the counters. I use Lysol because I legitimately tested it in the lab at my school and it works the best. It doesn’t get rid of 99.9% of bacteria like it promises on the container but it still worked the best over all other cleaners I tested. Anyways, I wipe down the counters, the shelves in the fridge, then I clean the stove and inside the sink. I sometimes clean out my coffee maker while I do this too. After that is all done I sweep and mop the floors.

In the bathroom, I clean the sink, the shower, the toilet, then the floor in that order. I spray everything down then wipe away the product with plenty of water. Once that is done, I sweep and mop the floors. Then I place all my daily products back beside the sink. I like them out in the open because some days when I’m in a rush, it’s a good reminder to take a minute for myself and my skin and wash my face properly.

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Step Four: Relax in your beautiful and clean home

Take out a good book, watch a show on Netflix, keep that candle burning and chill for a while. You just cleaned your whole house! You deserve a break. You’re already in comfy clothes so sit back and relax for the rest of the afternoon.


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