Healthy Hair Routine | Self-Care Series

Hello everyone! Getting ready for the Wellness Weekend Challenge has been quite a crazy experience. I’ve finally finished the almost 20-page guide to your perfect wellness weekend! Recipes, wellness-related activities, free workouts and more are ALL included. There is still, time to sing up (before April 14th) so click here to enter!

This week has been so crazy but I promised a new self-care routine so here it is!  Indulge this weekend with a self-care routine just for your hair! Whether your hair is short, long, straight, curly, or colour treated, this routine will work for anyone! This is exactly what your hair is craving after a Winter full of dry weather and frizz. Let’s get started!

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What You Need:

  • your beautiful hair
  • shampoo
  • hair mask (or make your own! recipe to follow)

Step One: Prep your hair for a treatment

Don’t wash your hair before you put in your mask. Especially if it’s a wash-out mask or an oil. You’ll have to wash it after you rinse out your mask so hold off for now. To prep your hair for a mask, simply brush it out gently and ensure there are no knots. If your mask calls for it, wet your hair before applying.

Step Two: Apply Mask or Treatment

I LOVE masks from Sephora. I’ve only ever used the rose mask but I hear the acai one is amazing. I’ve never died my hair so since the acai one is for colour treated hair I haven’t needed to use it. So I can only technically recommend the rose mask since it’s the only one I’ve personally tried. It’s a staple in my beauty routine! It’s a winter lifesaver for thin/fine hair, too. I have very fine blonde hair and in the winter the frizz is insane but the rose mask always calms it down.

For this mask, don’t wet your hair. You apply it to dry hair. I find the best way to do this is to put some of the masks onto a comb and gently comb it through my hair. Twist your hair to the top of your head in a loose bun and put the cap that comes with the mask over it. Leave on overnight. I promise, the cap actually stays on while you sleep.

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If you want to use a homemade mask, apply coconut oil and lemon to your hair! Mix 2 tbsp melted coconut oil and 1tbsp lemon juice together in a small dish and apply to slightly damp hair. Roll up into a towel and keep covered for about 30-40 minutes.

Step Three: Wash

After the time is up for your mask of choice, you’ll need to wash it out. Only use shampoo. The mask is like a conditioner. If you add any more you may end up weighing down your hair…and nobody wants flat hair.

The best way to wash your hair is just to get in the shower. In my experience, bending over a sink while you attempt to get a mask out usually leads to either a sore back/neck or accidentally leaving some mask in your hair. So save yourself some time and just hop into the shower.



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    1. same, I’m way more focused on skincare than hair care but when I start paying attention to my hair it makes a really noticeable difference!

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