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I came across patchology a while ago and thought the concept behind the products was interesting. After a few visits to the website (I almost never buy something the first time I see it) I bought a few items to try out this skincare brand. As promised in previous posts, my reviews are always going to be 100% honest. In this review, I’ll tell you what I liked AND what I didn’t. I also have a link for my readers to save 20% off! So you can try out my favourites for yourself!

This post is not a paid review but contains affiliate links. At no extra cost to you (in fact, you save 20% with this post) I may collect small earnings from qualifying sales. As always, I remain objective in my reviews and only stand behind products I love. For more information visit my Legal page

What is Patchology?

Patchology is one of my new favourite brands. They create exciting, innovative skincare products that cater to specific skin needs. CRUELTY-FREE products were a big plus for me. Though I’m not vegan, I do think the use of animals in the cosmetic industry is unnecessary and therefore cruel. So way to go, Patchology!

To get an even distribution of cosmetic ingredients into the skin, Patchology uses patch technology (if you couldn’t already guess from the name). What I love about the actual site is that you can search for a specific skin concern. This narrows down their products so you’re not getting something you don’t need.


What I Loved

FlashPatch Restoring Night Eye Gels

The FlashPatch – Restoring Night Eye Gels are a new staple for me. I have dark circles under my eyes and because it’s genetic there’s not a whole lot I can do about it. I’ve tried some drug-store brand eye patches before and the cliché cucumber over the eye trick, but nothing I’ve tried before can hold a candle to these patches. Actually, if you need some proof they work, they won an Indie Beauty Expo Best in Show Award in 2017 for Best Nighttime Ritual.

FlashPatch¨ Restoring Night Eye Gels

FlashMasque Perfect Weekend Tio Set

If you don’t know already, I’m a face mask junkie. So naturally, I had to try a mask (or three). I chose the Perfect Weekend Trio which contains an exfoliating mask, the Hydrate mask and the Illuminate mask. Honestly, this is a good way to sample Patchology’s products. If you end up not liking a mask, you’re not stuck with another three from a set of all the same mask. The set itself is very affordable, a plus for me as a student, and was fun to try over a weekend with my friend. This is what I’m putting in everyone’s birthday gifts as a little extra treat from now on. My favourite of the set was the hydrate mask. I’m always in the market for nice, plump, hydrated skin and this mask delivered.

PerfectWeekend Envelope grande 240x300 - Remember this Skincare Brand: They'll be Your New Secret Weapon + 20% Off

PoshPeel Pedi Cure Foot Peel Treatment

The last product I loved was the PoshPeel Pedi Cure Foot Peel Treatment. This is an affordable find that will have a permanent place in my cycle of self-care routines. This one, unsurprisingly, is another beauty award winner. It holds the LNE & Spa’s Best Product Award for 2017. It comes with socks and an activating essence. You can wear for 60-90 minutes depending on how much exfoliation you need. My feet were gross so I wore for the whole 90 minutes and was very happy with my results. This is another one that would be fun with a girlfriend. Grab a glass of wine, turn on a movie and soak your feet!
PoshPeel Pedi Cure Foot Peel Treatment

What I Didn’t Like

I’m going to come right out and say it, the lip gels didn’t work for me. I really wish they had because, to be honest, they’d be a pretty cool product to promote. But I don’t want to be fake so sorry Patchology, this one isn’t something I can get behind. They didn’t cause a reaction or anything dangerous, but they didn’t quite live up to my expectations so this is something I won’t be repurchasing.

Final Review + Discount for Readers!

I love Patchology. I’ll continue to try their products but definitely not the lip gels, that one I can live without. I also won’t be trying the detox mud mask as “detox” products just aren’t usually very effective. My favourite of the products was the Eye Patches. I loved them and already went through my pack of five. I’ll definitely be buying the whole jar next time. If you’re into masks and want to sample them without buying a whole pack of four, try the weekend trio set. It’s a fun experience and my skin looked great!

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