Day 2 – Rejuvenate

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April 15 is Day 2! This is our Rejuvenate Day! Today you will be spending some time to relax and let your beautiful muscles and mind rest for a while before you get back to a busy week. Today Sanne will lead you through a meditation. Originally this was supposed to be a yoga video but it’s now an exclusive meditation video for Love Wellness readers.

What to expect today:

  • Start the day with a meditation lead by Sanne
  • Guided self-care journaling exercise
  • Meals to support muscle recovery and nutrient absorption
  • Evening self-care routine

Before Breakfast:

Here is the meditation from Sanne! Do this first thing in the morning to set the tone for the day. She has a lot of great advice like listening to sounds and trying not to attach a feeling or emotion to them. Just let them be there and hear them. I love this meditation and hope you will too!


Morning or Afternoon:

This guided journal exercise is detailed more in the plan (get the password by signing up for emails, it’s all free) but here are the main points I want you to think about:

1. 5 things you love about yourself
2. 1 thing you want to change
3. 3 ways to accomplish this

Think about these and write down your answers. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with your body, it can be that you love your determination or your quirkiness! The sky is the limit, babe. Make sure to be genuine and to avoid writing down things because they sound good. As an example, when I make goals for myself, I used to write things like “wake up at 5am and workout every day.” Was the realistic? NO. What I should have written was “wake up and workout 5 days per week.” That goal is much more realistic and allows me to sleep in a little on the weekends…I still wake up and workout but maybe not until 8 or 9 am so I get my beauty rest!

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Take the evening off to do a self-care routine! Follow the steps below:

  1. get into some comfy clothing
  2. gather all your self-care items (face mask/ hair mask, candles, bath bombs, your favourite book, or load a show on Netflix)
  3. I’ll be doing a facemask so I’ll wash my face first, then apply the mask (I like sheet masks best)
  4. light your favourite scented candle while the mask is on. You can do this in the bath or on the couch or really anywhere, whatever you feel like. This is your self-care night!
  5. kick back and read your favourite book, listen to some relaxing music, or watch a show
  6. take off the mask and moisturize (unless your mask already does that for you)
  7. you can call it a night or continue with one of the self-care routines from the Love Wellness Self-Care Series


Look at you! You committed to yourself for the whole weekend and now you deserve a chance at getting one of our amazing prize packages!


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-3 facemasks
-Guava/Avocado candle from Purity Lab
-headband assortment from Lululemon
-healthy sweets
-progress pocket notebook

5 Runner-Ups will get
– 1 workout top from Ungalli Clothing Co. made from 100% recycled materials
-headband assortment from Lululemon

NOTE: Love Wellness is not affiliated with any of the companies related to the prizes. These companies do not sponsor the challenge or donate prizes. Prizes were purchase using profits from

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I can’t wait to see your posts!! You got this, babe. I’ll be sending love to every single post I’m tagged in so look out for my comments! Every post counts as one entry!


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