Romper Roundup – Best Rompers Under $50

romper roundup - Romper Roundup - Best Rompers Under $50

It’s time for another round-up post! I LOVE rompers and jumpsuits for spring. You put in literally NO effort into your outfit and still end up looking amazing every time. These 15 items are ones I’m obsessed with for Spring/Summer 2018 and all under $50 (some of them are originally over $100)! I’ll keep the intro short and sweet because I’m guessing you’re just here for the clothes (I don’t blame you).

I’ve created a widget below for easy shopping if you like the products. If you click on the images it will also take you to similar products or the website that it’s sold on. I searched for the cheapest prices for each item to save you some time.

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Dress Forum Batwing Sweater Romper • $22.40 • Nordstrom Rack

R1 133x300 - Romper Roundup - Best Rompers Under $50

Thought I’d start with something casual. I love this one because I’m a sucker for long-sleeve rompers AND pockets. This one has both so it obviously had to make it onto the list. I’ll be in school all summer (opted for a summer semester to get ahead…idk why I do this to myself) so this will be a staple for me with a pair of converse or sandals. Even better is there’s actually a flap on the back. I’m not sure how to describe it any better but it basically means no sweaty back for long, hot days in transit. There’s a photo on the website that I’d recommend checking out if back sweat is something you deal with too. (I know I’m gross but I’m just trying to be real with you guys).

Free People Not Your Baby Jumpsuit • $49 • REVOLVE

R2 109x300 - Romper Roundup - Best Rompers Under $50

This jumpsuit is a unique outfit. It also comes in red but a red jumpsuit is personally too flashy for me unless it’s for an event. The band under the bust is flattering and the length looks amazing with a heeled sandal. I’d recommend this for a spring or summer wedding.

Lush V-Neck Solid Romper • $24.97 • Nordstrom Rack

 R3 141x300 - Romper Roundup - Best Rompers Under $50
This one is another that comes in black or red. I really like the black one better but I showed the red photo so you could see the details. It’s an elastic waistband which sits pretty much at my natural waist. It’s a REALLY low back so if you’re looking for that, great! You’ll love it. But I know that’s not for everyone, especially when dealing with the bra situation, so I thought I’d warn you.

Aeo Don’t Ask Why Drapey Jumpsuit • $17.98 • American Eagle

R4 236x300 - Romper Roundup - Best Rompers Under $50
I’m a huge fan of American Eagle now. When I was in high school I thought it was so overrated but their “Don’t Ask Why” collections are always fantastic. This one is only $17.98 so it’s great for a quick last minute event. Dress up with heels and a few cute necklaces. The only thing is the material tends to wrinkle fast and it kind of high maintenance. Steam it by hanging it in the shower and you should be good to go.

Aeo Don’t Ask Why Halter Jumpsuit • $44.95 • American Eagle

R5 236x300 - Romper Roundup - Best Rompers Under $50

Another pick from AE.  And this one is super sporty. It would go great with slides! In summer I’m all about being casual and comfy. If it’s hot af outside, your outfit is the last thing you want to worry about so I threw this one in for the sporty babes out there. I don’t think you can see it in the photo but this one has a tie-up waist. This also has a low back so again, if that’s not your thing, I thought I’d warn you.

O’Neill Shayla Strapless Romper • $49.50 • Nordstrom

R6 148x300 - Romper Roundup - Best Rompers Under $50

THIS ONE IS SO FLATTERING! I love strapless but it’s hard to find the right bra. I’m obsessed with Victoria’s Secret’s new Sexy Illusions Bra. I have fairly big boobs which are usually a problem with strapless bras because they tend to just push my boobs up and dig into my back causing unflattering rolls. This isn’t a review for the bra but I thought I’d recommend it because I’ve never found a bra that stays up while smoothing my underarm and back areas. Anyway, this romper looks amazing with gladiator style sandals and some layered necklaces. The waist sits so perfectly and did you see the pockets??? This romper has everything.

Robbie Bee Laser Cutout Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit • $35.97 • Nordstrom Rack

R7 156x300 - Romper Roundup - Best Rompers Under $50
This one really speaks for itself. It’s a unique style so you either like or you don’t. What I like it the off-the-shoulder material. This is very on-trend right now. The laser cut detail is also very feminine and sweet.

Love, Fire Floral Slit Jumpsuit • $22.97 • Nordstrom Rack

R8 200x300 - Romper Roundup - Best Rompers Under $50
I actually didn’t know this was even a jumpsuit at first. If you’re looking for a dress but going to be outside in the win, I’d recommend a style like this. It’s cute and classy but you have the bonus of not showing your panties if the wind happens to lift the skirt a bit. The body of it is a wrap-style. I know that’s kind of hard to see int eh photo. The website has a feature to maximize the image so check it out if you’re worried about the wrap-front.

ASOS Bandeau Jumpsuit in Sweat • $14 • Asos

R9 235x300 - Romper Roundup - Best Rompers Under $50
This one is $14. That should be enough but if you need more incentive, the white colour and strapless neckline are amazing for showing off tanned shoulders.

Tiare Hawaii Moana Sleeveless Romper • $35.20 • Nordstrom Rack

R10 111x300 - Romper Roundup - Best Rompers Under $50
I like the loose fit of this one. For days when you’re bloated (shout out to my period) this is a good choice to stay comfy while not burying yourself in your boyfriend’s loose clothing. I actually really like the shoes they paired it with in this photo so I would suggest wearing a shoe similar to it.

Express tie-back kimono sleeve v-neck romper • $29.99 • Express

R11 244x300 - Romper Roundup - Best Rompers Under $50
The deep V-neck on this is incredibly flattering on a larger chest. There is a cutout and a tie on the back to class it up a little. I’m going to wearing this to my friend’s country-club style wedding in a couple months. I LOVE it and can’t wait to wear it out. This particular shade of red tends to work REALLY well with my blonde hair. So if you’re a blonde there’s a little tip for you: Cherry Red.
(Well, they call it Harvest Red but my Crayola pencil crayons from elementary school say it’s Cherry. How do I know this? I remember 5-year-old me getting pissed off every time I thought I had Brick Red but it came out as a muted, less intense version of it. Hated it for colouring in fire trucks but love it for wearing – definitely recommend this colour for any blonde babe).

Studded Romper • $46.99 • Juicy Couture

R12 155x300 - Romper Roundup - Best Rompers Under $50
I feel like to wear this one you’d have to have adopt a certain aesthetic, at least for the day. It’s got studded details and a tough-girl vibe. I really like it for when I feel like being edgy…doesn’t happen that often but sometimes a girl just wants to look a little bad ass. Again, open back on this one!


Aeo AE Knit Ruffle Romper • $39.95 • American Eagle

R13 236x300 - Romper Roundup - Best Rompers Under $50
I bought a romper REALLY similar to this. But I don’t have this exact one. This is another one form AE so it’s affordable and fairly good quality if it’s anything like the one I bought. The difference between the one I got and the one in the photo is that mine has pastel stripes, not floral patterns, and it doesn’t have a cut out in the front. The general shape and style seems to be pretty similar so I wanted to include it anyways.

Rip Curl Soulmate Off the Shoulder Romper • $49.95 • Nordstrom

R14 196x300 - Romper Roundup - Best Rompers Under $50
Off the shoulder? Check! Adorable pattern? Check! Adjustable tie-up waist? Check! Flattering? CHECK!
 This romper from Rip Curl has it all! The only thing is it tends to run small, even for the loose fit so size up!

Mimi Chica Tie Front Cutout Romper • $39 • Nordstrom

R15 121x300 - Romper Roundup - Best Rompers Under $50
Okay, the yellow colour isn’t my fav for blondes (makes my hair take a back-seat to the outfit and that’s not really something I like in the summer). The cutout is really cute though, and actually quite flattering. No crunches required to look amazing in this so if you’re looking to try something a little daring this summer, this should be your go-to. It’s affordable but looks high-end so if you can work past the yellow, give this a go!

Those are my top 15 rompers and jumpsuits of the season. I’m not a fashion expert but I have an eye for sales and I’m completely obsessed with outfits that require minimal effort. Hope you like my choices and let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more of these affordable fashion posts.



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