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This is going to be a really fun post! Today we’ll be making a DIY self-care kit! This is such a great exercise to do so if you happen to have a bad day you can come home and everything you need to chill is right at your fingertips. I’ve included some of my favourite things to keep on hand for “mood-emergencies.” If you make yourself a kit be sure to post on Instagram and use the hashtag #lovewellnessblog so I can check it out and show your post some love!

There should be three mains themes to your self-care kit: Comfort, Body, and Mind. I’ll explain each in detail below!

Let’s get started!

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The Kit Itself:

You can keep your kit inside a box, a duffle bag, a basket even a grocery bag. It literally doesn’t matter at all where you chose to keep your self-care items. As long as they’re all in one place, it shouldn’t matter what they’re in.

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However, I find it makes me feel like I’ve really created something if I use a cute little container for projects like this. I also keep my workout clothing in separated baskets (tops, pants, etc.) and it motivates me to actually use them. The same principle applies to the self-care kit. How big your storage container needs to be depends on what you’d like to put into the kit so this is a really easy way to personalize it!

You can get boxes like these from Amazon which are really cheap (around $15 for all three) and can easily be decorated to match your decor or your personal style. It’s great to organize the three separate parts of the kit, too!


For this part of the kit, I want you to think about what makes you feel safe and comfortable. In my kit, I have a pair of comfy socks, some dark chocolate and one of my favourite books. These things are some of my favourite items to have around after a long day. I have a weird thing where if I’m scared or upset I need to cover my feet. I’ll literally pull my knees up to my chest and hold my toes. I’ve done it since I was a kid. Any psych majors out there who can tell me why I’m such a weirdo, go for it haha! Chocolate and books for me are just two things that have a very calming vibe. The taste of something sweet and the idea of forgetting the world for a few hours with a nice book are two things I love. But again, your comfort items can be anything!

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This part of the kit is important. I print out my favourite workouts or create some for myself on index cards. I also have a list of reasons why working out is important so in case I don’t feel like exercising, I can read that and remember how good it is for me. Exercise always makes me feel amazing after a long day. I also keep some resistance bands in my kit because they’re compact and easy to use. The ones I linked are cheap and don’t roll as much as some of the lower quality ones on the market. They’re also cute colours so that’s a bonus. but you can find these in most sports stores or on Amazon so shop around to find some that work for you.

Another thing to include for Body is a face mask, hair mask, or scrub. See some of my favourites in my skin or hair care routines.


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Your book from the Comfort part could technically be part of the “mind” part of your kit but in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter. For calming my mind I like to include some candles, a playlist of calming music and a journal. I always use the same scent candle (apple cinnamon, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts). This scent has such happy feelings attached to it for me to find a scent that brings back nice memories for you. Scent is one of the biggest ties to memory that our brains can make so use it to your advantage.

For my journal, I use a variety of prompts to write with. In my How to Start a Self-Care Journal article, I’ve listed my favourites and some others that might work for you. Pick yourself up a cute journal like this one.



Don’t Have Time to Make a Kit?

I hear you, girl! It can be hard to find time to practice self-care, nevermind prepping for it too. If you’re a busy babe in need of a quick fix, I signed up for FabFitFun a few months ago. You can read my honest review here. There are things I’d change but overall I LOVE the idea of it. It contains a variety of products at a really affordable price. And if you’re a fellow blogger, signing up is a good way to acquire a range of products at a cheap rate to review on your blog. If you’re interested, click this link and use my code SUNSHINE for a much deserved $10 discount!

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Hope you enjoyed this special edition of the Self-Care Series. I wanted to do something special because it’s been a while since I posted a routine. Now that exams are over I’ll be able to keep posting consistently!

ALSO!!! Did you see the new graphics and look of the blog? I changed fonts, formats, logos, everything! Now that our little community has grown, I wanted to give it a new look so head over to the home page to check it out! I also created tabs that make it easier to find the content you want. I hope you love it!


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  1. A self – care kit is such a great idea. Im thinking of my favorite inspiring books, chocolates, lavender scented candles, etc….,,

  2. This is a wonderful idea! It’s so important to remember to take time for ourselves. When I do have a minute to myself, I almost don’t know what to do with it. This kit would help calm my mind and relax. I would definitely put a bath bomb in there to remind me to go to a relaxing bath lol. I love the idea of haveing a “mind” part. It’s always my mind that gets to me. A journal to write how I’m feeling would be perfect in there! Thanks for sharing this! It’s definitely something many people can benefit from! 😊

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