My Favorite ($5.95/month) Subscription Program

You guessed it, this is an affiliate post. But let me just say that I reached out to the company, they didn’t randomly just choose me to write a post about them. In fact, writing a post about them was never an agreement. I’m just one of many of their affiliates. I reached out to them because I really wanted to be part of their program and I really wanted to share this amazing subscription.

I’d like to also say that I don’t get a free subscription, this is something I pay for on my own.

Now that that’s dealt with, let’s get to the main event: the product! I LOVE subscription services. As many of you know, I already use FabFitFun (you can read my review here) which comes out once a season but I wanted something I could get every month, too.

What I was looking for:

  1. It had to be affordable since I was already paying for FabFitFun
  2. It had to be something I would actually use
  3. There had to be a new edition every month
  4. It had to be reliable (ie. no reviews saying that they never got their boxes, etc.)

I found ALL four of these things with my newest subscription box obsession….drumroll, please…


logo - My Favorite ($5.95/month) Subscription Program

Why I Love FaceTory:

FaceTory checks off all the things on my list above. AND it made me realize one more thing on the list that I didn’t even know I was missing: options. FaceTory has two different subscription options:

Both of these are great but I chose the Seven Lux Subscription because you get more for a still very affordable price and the masks are different, too. With the 4-mask subscription you get regular paper masks, and with the 7-mask subscription you paper, hydrogel, and more.

So options ended up being important to me because I actually started with the 4-mask package then upgraded once I knew the company was reliable.

What do you get in your subscription box?

April 2018 4 and 7 mask packages pictured below

home left right 1 image 300x206 - My Favorite ($5.95/month) Subscription Program                home left right 2 image 300x206 - My Favorite ($5.95/month) Subscription Program
As I said, the 4 or 7 mask packages differ in mask materials, and obviously a number of masks, but that’s it. I also used a promo code the first time I signed up and got two free masks, too. So that was a nice bonus.

One thing I was afraid of was that the masks would be cheap and easily ripped, etc. I was pleasantly surprised, though. The reason I was suspicious of them was the price. But, similar to most subscription services, FaceTory brings quality products for a fraction of the cost because companies want to get their products to a wide number of people through subscription services. So the cost is low for you, and it’s like a form of advertising for the companies. Win/Win

Should you bother?

Yeah! Would I recommend this service? Of course! It’s my newest self-care/beauty obsession (hence why I applied to be an affiliate). I always get my product on time, it’s always quality products ( and cute packaging), and it’s a great way to practice self-care at an affordable price.

When you think of it, even a mask at Sephora is 4-7 dollars for the cheapest masks. FaceTory offers 4 masks for approximately the price of one mask at Sephora. If you get the Four-ever Fresh Subscription then that’s one mask per week and your self-care for the month is covered! But if you get the Seven Lux Subscription (like I have!) then that’s one per week plus a few extras for girl’s night!

I would recommend at least tryign it out. I double and triple checked before I ordered for myself and there’s a simple cancellation process and you can cancel anytime if you decide the products aren’t for you. And aside form subscriptions, you can actually purchase a previous box to try out for yourself before committing to a subscription. So that’s another option if youre still nervous about quaity.

18 feb seven lux banner grande 300x206 - My Favorite ($5.95/month) Subscription Program

That’s all I have to say for now! Let me know in the comments if you ahve any questions and if you’ve ever tried FaceTory before!


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4 thoughts on “My Favorite ($5.95/month) Subscription Program

    1. Thanks! It’s my new obsession. It took me SO long to finally subscribe though since I thought it was too good to be true so I figured I’d write about it. That way people who have heard about it don’t need to feel like they’re taking a risk. xoxo

    1. I love it! On their site, they have a “how to be an affiliate” link at the bottom of the page. I believe they have a couple ways you can apply but I applied through ShareASale by writing about my blog and why I wanted to share the product. It took me a few weeks to get approved, which I guess is pretty standard. I believe what they look for is if you have a decent amount of traffic/followers and if your personal brand matches with their company. FaceTory is actually part of a larger company but as I’ve only tried the FaceTory box, I don’t feel comfortable writing about their other products. But definitely take a look. Everything else they have seems like good quality too.

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