Sound Sleep Routine | Self-Care Series

This week’s routine is so simple! All I want you to do is get a good sleep. Rest your beautiful body and wake up feeling refreshed and energized! Sleep is so important for every person, no matter who you are. This is something we all need so there are no excuses! Try this self-care routine tonight so you’re ready for the week ahead!

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Now let’s get started!!

What You Need:

  • any skincare products you use in the evening
  • washing machine and soap
  • some peace and quiet

Step One: Clean Sheets

The first step is to wash your sheets. At minimum, you should be washing your sheets every month. Ideally, you should wash them every week to two weeks but we all know that life gets in the way. Washing your sheets is good for both the material and your skin. As dead skin cells and oils get trapped in your sheets, it can eventually cause acne to break out on your skin, and not just your face. So do yourself a favour, and wash those sheets!

I personally love sleeping on clean sheets because the scent of the laundry soap I use is very comforting to me. I feel very calm when I go to bed in freshly washed bed sheets so give it a try!

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Step Two: Wash Your Face

Washing your face is another important step. You can wash your stress away…at least it feels like it. Skincare is one of my favourite ways to take care of myself. When I have fresh skin I feel beautiful and confident. I sleep better knowing that I’ve done something for myself that I know I will feel good about. Treating yourself to a nightly skincare routine is, in my opinion, a great way to trigger your brain for sleep. Doing the same things every night right before bed has been shown to help signal to the brain that its time for sleep and that increases melatonin (a sleep hormone).

If you’re interested in finding out what products I actually use (as seen by the photos of near-empty bottles in the post) then click here. I’ve written about my morning and night routines that made my rosacea go away and my skin texture smooth and soft. It took me years to find a routine that worked for my combination to dry and sometimes sensitive skin. If you have similar skin issues, I’d recommend checking out the products I’ve written about. They changed my skin for good!

Step Three: Turn Off Your Phone

Okay, we’re adults. We know it’s not good to keep our phones on at night so just stop! I turn my phone off at around 9pm every night. Now, by turning it off I mean that I flip it to do-not-disturb mode. My phone is my alarm like it is for many people. But after about 9 or 10 pm I don’t touch it. There is never a good enough reason to. Nothing on Instagram is so important that it can’t wait until the morning.

I still occasionally have my phone on after that cut-off time but for the most part (about 5-6 days a week) it’s off by 9. I found that this has significantly improved my sleeping habits since I started doing this.



Well, that is my short and sweet Sound Sleep Self-Care routine. For more routines like this one, check out my Self-Care Series. And if you haven’t joined my FREE Wellness Weekend Challenge yet, be sure to do it now by clicking here. It’s only a 2-day challenge so commit to spending just 2 days on yourself and you’ll feel the benefits for weeks after. It includes a free meal plan and wellness activities and a chance to win prizes. So be sure to sign up! Open worldwide.


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