Tone It Up Bikini Series 2018

Join me for the 2018 Bikini Series!

That’s right babes, I’m in for the bikini series this year from Tone It Up! If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott (the Tone It Up girls) are my biggest inspiration. I found them a few years ago and finally joined the member’s nutrition plan in March 2017. I LOVE these two girls.

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When I was thinking about starting a blog I almost gave up because I thought the market was oversaturated. Everyone can blog, right? It’s so easy. (Well, that’s what I thought. Turns out it’s NOT easy…but I still love it). I was watching a video of them on youtube when they started talking about why they went for it and eventually made their multi-million dollar company. They said there’s room for everyone in this community. Everyone should have a voice and if you keep consistent, eventually people will listen to you. That really resonated with me and so I started my blog!

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I love Tone It Up not just for inspiring me to make my own little place in the wellness/fitness industry but to also recover from anorexia and bulimia. I was diagnosed with both of these at different points in my life. It wasn’t until last year that I finally tried to recover.

It was during the bikini series that I went through a really rough patch in my relationship brought on by stress from my eating disorder. Actually, we broke up for about a month. I don’t like talking about my relationship on the blog becasue I like to keep it private but everything in my life, relationship included, seemed to all be connected at that time.

So in March 2017 I went into recovery, joined Tone It Up and learned to eat healthily. When it came time for the bikini series I was so excited but ended up relapsing pretty hard physically and emotionally and it was hard for everyone around me to watch me destroy myself…hence the breakup. I stepped away from my relationship and I was out of school at the time so all I had to do was focus on myself. I worked really hard and didn’t end up completing the bikini series but seeing Karena and Katrina with such positive energy and such healthy, gorgeous bodies made me want to get better. Instead of bones, I wanted muscle. Instead of avoiding food, I meal prepped so I never missed a meal. Yes, I gained weight. But I’m okay because I’m stronger now. No longer do I feel winded just from getting out of bed in the morning. My hair is growing back from losing so much of it during the darkest phases of my eating disorder. But the best part of it all is that I’m happy.

This year I’m in. 100%. This year I’m in a happy relationship, I eat on a regular basis (I occasionally slip up, as is expected the first year of recovery) and there are no serious mental health issues getting in my way of success.

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I’m going to update every day on Instagram (@lovewellnessblog) and every week on the blog….probably on Sundays. If you’d like to join me you can head to to sign up (it’s free to join but the nutrition plan costs extra). I will eventually write the entire story of my eating disorder but I’ve been toying around with how I want to tell it. So hang on! It’ll be told eventually. Hopefully it will help someone.

Also, if anyone is in the GTA (greater Toronto area) and looking for a bikini series partner, contact me for that as well. Let’s meet for coffee (or wine haha).

Take care everyone! If you’d like to be updated during the bikini series you can follow me on bloglovin.


*all photos belong to I am not being sponsored or paid to write about or share the bikini series with my readers.

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