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Hello friends!

This week I started the Tone It Up Bikini Series. If you’ve read my recent post about the challenge, you already know what it’s all about and why I love it. If not you can click here and check it out. Long story short it’s an 8-week challenge that comes with a meal plan, workouts, and meditations. Most things are free but the full meal plan is something you need to pay for.

Initial Thoughts:

This week could have gone better. I always struggle a bit the first week of a challenge but knowing it gets easier is what keeps me going. I also LOVE seeing the other girls check in on Instagram with the hashtag #tiubikiniseries. So my initial feeling throughout the week was just excitement for change.


My goals this week were simple:

  • stick to the plan as much as possible
  • workout every morning
  • make my bed every day

The making my bed thing is something I usually do but have let slip lately. So that was easy to get back into as making my bed first thing in the morning really helps me feel productive. Setting an easy goal like that was something that made me feel accomplished, even though it takes less than 5 minutes each day.

I worked out from Monday-Thursday every morning. On Wednesday and Tuesday, I actually did two workouts each of those days. So by Friday, I was far too sore to do anything. I listened to my body and took a couple of rest days. So in total, I did 6 workouts this week. That’s pretty good to me.

Sticking to the Plan:

I decided to review this goal as it’s own separate section as I have trouble here. On Day 1 I ate McDonald’s. Not by accident or because there was no other choice, I did it on purpose. I’m not feeling guilty though. The first day of any challenge, I always eat something that I’ve wanted for a while. Allowing myself that junk food on the first day reminds me that this is a lifestyle change and not a diet. I’m not giving up junk food forever, I’m eating it in moderation. I’m not depriving myself of anything, I’m just focusing on health. So no, I’m not feeling even remotely guilty for it.

The rest of the week went okay. I did really well in mornings and packing protein-packed lunches for school as per the plan. The area I struggled with the most was eating after dinner. I often craved sweet foods. This is partly because I was on my period and I ALWAYS crave sweet things on my period but for the most part, it had to do with willpower.

One of my goals for week two is to allow myself a treat if I crave it, but just a few bites, not a lot. I only need enough to satisfy a craving and that way I don’t feel deprived and I also stick to my goals.

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This week I had a lot of salads, fresh fruit, and smoothies. On Monday I baked three chicken breasts with broccoli and green beans, let it cool and ate it either on its own or on top of salad throughout the week. I made the Strawberry Shortcake Mini Muffins from the plan and OMG they are delicious. I found myself looking forward to eating them for M4 (meal 4) every day. If I got really hungry I ate a spoon full of peanut butter. Weird, but I love peanut butter and this really helped to keep my hunger away. However, it’s very calorie dense and as I would like to lose some fat, I probably won’t be eating it for week two. I’m eating about 1500-1600 calories on the plan every day but I’d like to cut that to 1300-1400 for week two.

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This is what you’ve been waiting for right? Well, my results probably won’t impress you. After all, it’s only been a week. Actually, I gained 0.4 pounds. I lost a whole inch from each of my thighs though and a bit around my arms and waist. So there you go, it’s all about the measurements.


Let me know if you’re doing the bikini series too! I’d love to hear all about your first week. Feel free to ask questions, ask for advice or suggest a topic for next week’s recap (more about meals, more about workouts, etc.). I read every comment!

Take care babes!


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