Wellness Weekend Challenge Sneak Peek!

I’m so excited to see so many of you signing up for the wellness weekend challenge! I will be announcing prizes later this week on the blog so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Here is a video that the gorgeous Sanne Vander has prepared to give you a sneak peek of the challenge.

Just to recap, here is some basic info you need to know about the challenge:

  1. We will start on April 14th and ends April 15th. It’s only a weekend so commit to loving yourself for just these two days!
  2. You can win amazing prizes, but be sure to post on Instagram with the hashtag #LWWeekendChallenge and be following me @lovewellnessblog and Sanne @vander_fit (it’s open worldwide so tag a girlfriend to be your accountability partner. You might BOTH win). The hashtag is how we can find your posts so we know you participated!
  3. You will receive a FREE meal plan (complete with recipes) and FREE weekend itinerary in your inbox about a week before the challenge starts so you have time to round up your groceries and materials. Just sign up for emails (I NEVER spam, so don’t worry!) and you’ll recive your digital wellness weekend package int he next couple of weeks.
  4. This challenge was made for YOU. You deserve this and this might just be the thing that kick-starts your weight loss or fitness journey once and for all. After all, everyone started somewhere. Let this be your start and join the challenge!

Without futhur ado, here is Sanne’s workout preview! Her fit and healthy body is proof that her workouts really do transform your muscles.

Sanne, a model and fitness guru, focuses on toning workouts rather than heavy weights and tons of cardio. She often films right in her living room, which I absolutely love!! It’s so down to earth! She has a way of connecitng with her audience that many other YouTubers can’t accomplish. That’s just ONE of the many reasons I chose to collaborate with her for this challenge! So check out the video below and be sure to sign up for the FREE digital wellness weekend package coming soon!

ALSO! I forgot to metion that when you sign up, you also get access to Love Wellness exclusive (password protected) content on the website. Head on over to the email signup page to get in on the action!



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