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Love Wellness 4 - Wellness Weekend Challenge

This is something I’m SO excited to announce! I’ll be collaborating with Sanne Vander on a Wellness Weekend Challenge for our subscribers. Sanne uploads new workouts videos EVERY SINGLE DAY to YouTube. They’re often based on celebrity workout routines (especially the Victoria’s Secret Models). Sanne’s incredible abs and strong arms are proof that her routines are clearly working. Check out her channel before the challenge starts by clicking here!

This challenge will be a two-day event that you can do right from your own home. And guess what: I’ve got PRIZES! There will be 1 grand prize winner and 5 secondary prizes to be won!

Below is everything you need to know about the challenge! I’m so excited for you to sign up!

When Is the Challenge Starting?

This FREE wellness weekend will take place Saturday, April 14 and Sunday, April 15, 2018. This is only a two-day challenge so mark your calendars and COMMIT to bettering yourself for that whole weekend!

When Will Winners Be Announced?

Winners will be announced on Saturday, April 21, 2018

Who Can Participate and Who Can Win?

Anyone can participate AND anyone can win! This challenge is open worldwide so get your friends to join, too, no matter where they live! If you win either the grand prize or a secondary prize, and you do not live in North America, please expect a few weeks delay for your prize to ship. I cannot guarantee shipping times.

Winners will be chosen to form their Instagram check-ins so make sure you’re using the hashtag #LWWeekendChallenge so we can see your posts!

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What Is the Love Wellness Weekend Challenge?

The Love Wellness Weekend Challenge is a challenge organized by this site exclusively for subscribers (sign up here to join – don’t worry, I HATE spam so you’ll never get more than 1 email per week). This challenge comes with a FREE two-day meal plan to bust bloat and keep you feeling refreshed and glowing!

(NOTE: I have completed nutrition certifications but am NOT a certified/ licensed nutritionist nor am I a doctor. My background in biology allows me to understand how certain foods work on the body and I have put together this plan…and tested it myself…to get you fast results in only two days. However, this should not be taken as medical advice. If you have any concerns PLEASE contact your doctor before beginning this challenge. Safety is the number one priority! Feel free to contact me if you have further questions).

Day 1 is our “Energize Day”

On this day, you’ll get moving and give your body the exercise it craves! The meals for this day centre around getting enough protein for your muscles to recover and grow stronger while making sure you’ve got enough carbs (yes, I said carbs) to get through your workout safely. Energize Day features a 30-minute real-time “model” workout video by the beautiful Sanne Vander.

Day 2 is our “Rejuvenate Day”

On this day, the itinerary is much more relaxed. The meals will be comforting, yet still full of nutritious and clean ingredients. Sanne will lead you through a Rejuvenating Yoga flow video in the morning and I’m working on the ultimate self-care routine (check out other self-care routines here).

How Can I Sign Up?

You can sign up for the Love Wellness Weekend Challenge by clicking here and entering your email address. When you sign up, you’ll be part of the Love Wellness Community and have access to this challenge AND exclusive password protected content (including a free digital magazine once per season).

Don’t worry about spam. I HATE when you sign up for an email list and get ten emails rapid fire blowing up your inbox. I send out one newsletter once every 1-2 weeks just to let you know whats new on the blog and when the password changes for the exclusive content page.

Follow both @sanne_vander and @lovewellnessblog on Instagram (clicking the links will take you to our pages) and make sure you use the hashtag #LWWeekendChallenge so we can see your posts and choose a winner!

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What Do I Get When I Sign Up?

This challenge includes:

  • access to FREE exclusive, password protected content, including a free digital magazine download once per season
  • access to your FREE 30-Minute Model Workout and Rejuvenating Yoga Flow videos by Sanne Vander
  • a chance to win some awesome prizes – prizes will be announced soon!!! Can’t wait for you to see them! HINT: it includes a super cool 100% recycled material workout tee along with lots of other fitness and wellness goodies!
  • access to a FREE 2-day meal plan to beat bloat and leave you feeling refreshed and glowing
  • access to your FREE 2-day itinerary full of activities and challenges to guide you on your way to loving yourself and getting healthy

You will get your “Wellness Weekend” Digital Package a few days before the challenge starts so keep an eye on your inboxes! I can’t wait to see all your posts!


Make sure you’re following both myself @lovewellnessblog and Sanne @sanne_vander AND have subscribed to my email list (otherwise you won’t receive your “Wellness Weekend” Digital Package). Be sure to use the hashtag #LWWeekendChallenge so Sanne and I can see your posts!

The Love Wellness Weekend Challenge starts April 14th so get ready for a weekend full of loving yourself, inside and out! You deserve it, babe!


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    1. It took me a long time to adopt a healthy lifestyle and little steps (like joining the challenge) are SO helpful for renewing motivation. That’s one of the reasons I designed this challenge! I also made it free so anyone can join…healthy isn’t just for the wealthy 😉

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