9 Athleisure Must-Haves for 2018

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Fitness trends change ALL. THE. TIME.
It gets tiring to try and keep up so here’s a few of my current top picks for athleisure must-haves for 2018. I chose from a variety of price ranges and fashions to suit everyone’s style.
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1.ALO Yoga Ripped Warrior Top  $141

This top is everywhere at the moment. The ripped style seems to be sticking around so embrace it! This particular sweater has a really great quality and it’s fleece so it’s super warm! Definitely, a winter athleisure must have.

2.Super Luxe Wide Leg by Free People • $160.07 

Free People Movement has some REALLY great items. The prices are usually high but you can’t beat the quality. I’ve also seen them come out with really unique items so it’s unlikely you’ll find a dupe or a knockoff somewhere else anyways. What I love about these pants is they just scream wellness. When you dress the part, motivation seems to just fall into place so these definitely had to make it to my list.

3.Free People Movement Aerial Crop Top  $59.12

Another Free People Movement item…couldn’t resist. This top is not only cute but functional. What I love is that even though there are quite a few cut outs, they don’t dig into your skin creating unflattering bunches in your skin. The tie at the front is very in-style right now. I’ve seen ballet-esque pieces all over the athleisure world. I’m super okay with it because this style can honestly flatter anyone’s figure.Aerie

4.Lorna Jane Lolita Longer Line Bra • $34.48  (CURRENTLY ON SALE)

Lorna Jane is definitely a brand you should get familiar with if you’re into athleisure. This Lorna Jane/ Aerie bra is longline which, in my opinion, is just fantastic. It’s sexy, it’s fun, and it’s bright! I was surprised by the level of support. Usually, cute bras don’t have the greatest functionality but this one is a must-have. It’s currently on sale so swipe it up now!

5.Calvin Klein Performance Stretch-Cotton Logo Sports Bra  $29.50

This affordable sports bra is a brand name item so you know it’s got quality. It’s almost impossible to have never heard of Calvin Klein but not as many people know that the brand also has activewear. This is the only item I own form the collection but I’ll definitely be purchasing more in the future.

6.Adidas By Stella Mccartney Performance Essentials sports bra  $120

This bra speaks for itself. Adidas by Stella McCartney is a brand that is new to me, but not new to the market. I love the high neck of this bra for any sort of upside-down yoga pose where *ahem* spillage could happen. Boobs move around in any sports bra no matter what brand, style, etc. But this bra holds them in place about as much as you can ask for. It’s also very flattering.

7.FOREVER 21 Active Zigzag Mesh Leggings  $33.00

If you’re into athleisure and don’t have a pair of mesh leggings…what are you even doing? These affordable AND high-quality leggings are so flattering! A lot of the time mesh can cut a certain way that just doesn’t look nice no matter how toned your legs may be. That’s not the case here. I’m convinced these would look great on anyone! They look so cute with a cute cropped sweater (hello, ALO Yoga Ripped Warrior Top – above)

8.Victoria’s Sport Knockout by Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra  $55-60

This bra is so supportive. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a company that specializes in bras makes the comfiest sports bra in history…but I was still a little surprised. If you run, you need this bra. I’ve never had more support or comfort from a bra before. It looks amazing, it’s affordable and the best part is that it’s a front close so no sweaty struggle after your workout! I especially love this for morning workouts when I’m so lazy I don’t even want to slip a bra over my head. I clip and zip this one on and I instantly feel sexy and ready to work out. There’s a TON of colours so you’ll definitely find something you’ll love. I wear this under open back sweaters to give them a sporty look while still getting the shape I want from a bra. There’s just something so wonderful about wearing a sports bra and not having your boobs crushed to your chest. Feels like a major victory to me.

9.Victoria’s Sport Knockout by Victoria’s Secret Tight• $80-85

These leggings….omg these leggings. You can bend over and NO PANTY LINE. You can stretch and the leggings don’t lose their elasticity. And, you can sweat and stay dry! What more can you want from a pair of leggings? Well, pockets! And some of the styles have that too. Victoria Sport is a very underrated activewear brand. I feel like they get overlooked because of their lingerie sales but ladies, your legs will thank you for trying these leggings. And I might sound crazy, but I swear they lift your butt. If you try one thing on this list, I recommend this one for sure!

So there they are, my favourite current athleisure must-haves. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite brand is and I’ll check them out for next time!

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