Top YouTube Workouts: Abs

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Ab Workouts

This week is for abs! I love working out my abs. It’s easy, usually requires no equipment and tends to make me feel confident all day. I stand taller after an ab workout. I also love/hate the feeling of being so sore after a good ab workout that it hurts to laugh the next day. Abs are so important to work out regularly. Your core is responsible for your posture and holding proper form during exercise. Though abs are not the entire focus of the core (back workouts will be included later in this series) they are the focus for today!


10 Minute Ab Workout – Alexis Ren

So I’m not the biggest Alexis Ren fan…(unpopular opinion but the “cutesy-tongue-sticking-out-trying-not-to-be-sexy thing gets old pretty fast). But you have to admit this girl has ABS. After troubles with eating in the past, she apparently came back from that and focused on being super fit, not super skinny. And look at her, this babe clearly knows a good workout! I was really impressed with this video. It’s hard but not impossible to complete. I feel like it works all areas of the core at different points in the workout so props to her for this amazing routine. If you only have one workout for your summer ab routine, this should be it. No equipment and very effective.


Real Life Waist Trainer – Blogilates

Another YouTuber who I don’t always like (her chirpy voice is too much for me in the morning sometimes…though some people like that) but the workouts are AMAZING! This workout has one of my all-time fav ab moves: the candlestick dipper. This one will leave your sides burning for days! I also like how it’s all apartment friendly, meaning no jumping or loud activities that would make downstairs neighbours angry with you haha.


Best 10 Minute Ab Workout – Tone It Up

Omg, so obsessed with Tone It Up. If you read the blog, you already know this so I won’t go on and on again about how amazing the founders are. I like this workout because it’s a circuit. I don’t typically like circuits but for abs, I find it’s actually a pretty effective way to tone the muscle there so I don’t mind as much. This workout has no equipment and can be done anywhere. It’s challenging at times but gets easier.



Hope you love these ab workouts! I don’t always do the same ones together for ab day but these three are the workouts I always go back to. Next Thursday: BOOTY



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