Top YouTube Workouts: Arms

Arm Workouts

This week’s focus is on toning those gorgeous arms of yours! Women often leave arms out of their regular workouts to avoid looking bulky or building muscle there. But the truth is that you should be working them out just as much as any other part of your body. You use your arms for everything so don’t take them for granted. Show them some love with these workouts! Warning: these ones are TOUGH! I had to take several breaks during this playlist even after doing it multiple times. But the results are so worth it!

Swan Arms Workout – Ballet Beautiful

Okay, my arms burn after this one. You would think a ballet wokrout would be easy but this workout always leaves me sore for days. I love it an hate it. Its hard but you can’t argue with the results. Instead of creating bulk (which you shouldn’t be afraid of anyways) it stretches your muscles to create the look of longer, leaner arms. I honestly STILL cannot finish this without pausing at least once. But once I’m done I feel so good. I also feel like I have better posture for the day after this video, but it’s probably in my head.


Arms Down the Aisle – Blogilates

I’m not getting married but I still followed along wiht Cassey’s recent Bridal Bootcamp. I wasn’t a big fan of the cardio video but the others were pretty good. This is another no-equipment workout that will leave you feelign sore for a few days. I like that she tells you the moves before the workout starts, too. I like knowing what to expect.


Bikini Arms Workout – Tone It Up

This wouldn’t be my playlist if there wasn’t at least one Tone It Up video in it haha. This one requires dumbells but it can be a hard wokrout, espeically after the other two, so sometimes I just strap a 1-pound wrist weight to each hand and just use those. You can also use water bottles, books, or nothing at all. Karena has killer upper body strength so expect to feel sore later.


I love these workouts becuase they’re very effective and don’t have tons of pushups or antyhign like that. I hate pushups so I try to avoid them at all costs. My favourite of the playlist is the Ballet Beutiufl workout. It sculpts nd tones every inch of your arms. I strongly recomment trying it out!

Let me know in teh comments how these workouts were for you. Were they hard? Easy? Effective? Boring? I love hearing what you guys think so let me know! Next Thursday: THIGHS





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