Top YouTube Workouts: Total Body

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Total Body Workouts

I thought I’d start with the total body workouts for the first post in the Top YouTube Workouts Series. These workouts can be done as a playlist for an extra long workout or stand-alone as a quick and easy morning metabolism boost (or whenever you find time in your day). If you do them together it may seem daunting at first but you start off with an intense HIIT and tone workout, then the second video is more focused on small muscle groups and you finish off with relatively easy pilates-style abs and butt workout for extra focus on those “vanity muscles.” This is going to be my Monday routine for the summer because I that is my designated day off (hence I will have the time, and therefore no excuse, not to complete a longer workout).

Beach Babe Mashup Workout – Tone It Up

I love this workout. It has NO jumping, which your neighbours will thank you for, and is still a very effective HIIT workout. The first time I did this, it was really difficult to complete but I do it about once a week now and find it gets much easier. There is minimal equipment. Dumbells are used but a textbook or something heavy can easily be substituted in this video.


Total Body Sculpt Workout – Ballet Beautiful

This trainer is responsible for getting the Victoria’s Secret Angels into shape and turning Natalie Portman’s body into a true ballerina’s for Black Swan. The fact that Mary Hellen Bowers is so accessible to the public with such high profile clients is amazing. And she’s literally the sweetest thing! This workout is done with no equipment and has ballet-style movements. But don’t let that fool you. Your abs are going to KILL the next day.


Workout Routine for Abs and Butt – Hailey Sani

This workout starts at 1:48 minutes in so hopefully the embed function where you can choose where to start the video works. In this video, Hailey uses booty bands and ankle weights. However, this workout can be done easily without them. And trust me, if you finished the other two workouts first, you’ll still feel the burn.


Hope you enjoyed this first post of the new series. Next Thursday: ABS



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