Top Youtube Workouts: Booty

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Top Booty Workouts

My butt is one of my favourite body parts to work out. I love the look of a lifted butt in bikini bottoms. It takes a lot of dedication and consistency to get that look so I try to work some booty videos into my routine about 3x per week. I also like to squat while I brush my teeth or squeeze my butt while I walk up stairs sometimes…I mean, if no one is around haha. Doing simple things like that will all add up and give you the nice round bubble butt shape that many of us want. Besides the look, working your glutes has a whole list of benefits. For example, did you know that your glutes are actually considered by many to be part of your core? So working them can help with balance and posture. And if you have sciatica, some exercises can alleviate symptoms. Bet you didn’t know your booty was so important! So get down and squat, girl! This is your booty playlist!


15 Minute Butt Workout – Romee Strijd

Victoria’s Secret models have the some of the best butts in the business. While many models are forced to lose weight for high fashion runway shows, VS models are encouraged to build lean muscle. Romee Strijd, one of the angels, started a youtube channel last year and posted this amazing booty workout. It’s a killer. I chose it to start with because it fires up your heart rate a bit at the beginning so it’s got a built-in warm up. You can use a booty band for this one but don’t really need it for many of the exercises.


12 Minute Booty Burn – Tone It Up

Obviously Tone It Up is included in this list, too. This workout also requires a booty band. For ths one it’s actually best if you have one on hand but agian, you can modify to try it without one. I love Karena’s chill attitutde while she works out. I don’t always include this workout in my routine but it’s relatively easy and short so give it a try!


5 Moves To Your Fittest Butt – Blogilates

This was part of a series Cassey did on her Blogilates channel. I love the moves she gives and I find that they’re done in a nice order, too. What I mean is that when one part of the butt/leg gets tired, you work another part so that you can continue the workout and not lose momentum if you need to pause it. Your butt will seriously burn the next day after this one!


Real-Time Victoria’s Secret Butt Workout – Sanne Vander

Sanne is an amazing youtube. She literally uploads EVERY SINGLE DAY! Many of you know that she and I collaborated on a Wellness Weekend Challenge that you can download for free if you sign up for emails. She created an exclusive workout just for Love Wellness readers as well as a meditation. This girl’s abs, butt, arms…just everything is so toned and model-esque. Which I guess is great as she models in her spare time. She’s so down to earth and friendly. She has a LOT of workouts on her channel for the butt but this one is a recent addition so I’ve added it to the playlist.


Hope you liked this week’s addition to the new Summer YouTube workouts! Next Thursday: ARMS


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