Top YouTube Workout Series Introduction

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Why Have a YouTube Workout Series?

This series is all about my favourite YouTube workouts. Many of us work out at home so why not have a list of reliable, easy, minimal-equipment workouts? With the summer coming up, many of us have bikinis, short shorts and crop tops on our mind.

The truth is, yes, I work out to look good. But not because anyone told me I have to or that I feel society is pressuring me to do so. I love seeing toned abs under my crop top and know that I worked hard to get them. And nothing says “fit girl” better than a lifted booty in bikini bottoms! There are many reasons to workout including better sleep, feeling confident, general health…etc. but being completely honest, I would LOVE just to have a strong, toned physique.

I’m not going to let anyone tell me I’m anti-body-positivity because I work out to have a nice ass. So if you’re going to comment and say I shouldn’t tell people to workout to look good, you may as well just not even bother. That’s not what I’m saying. Truth is, most of us would like to lose a little weight and tone up in places. If that wasn’t true, the weight-loss industry wouldn’t be as successful as it is. But working out and eating healthy is the right way to lose weight and get fit so that’s what I’m encouraging.

What To Expect From This Series:

  • a variety of workouts, 3-4 each post, that focus on a specific body part (arms, booty, etc.) and one total body/ HIIT workout
  • descriptions of each workout including a list of equipment needed (if any) and substitutions if you don’t happen to have that equipment
  • why I chose the workout for this series (enjoyability, travel-friendly, effectiveness, etc.)
  • a new post every Thursday morning until the series is over

I hope you all enjoy this new series! Many of the workouts are chosen from some of my favourite YouTube fitness channels with a few stand-alone videos. That might be hard to understand but all will be revealed soon!

Look out for a new post every Thursday morning. This week we start with our total body videos! 


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