Top YouTube Workouts: Thighs

Thigh Workouts

Alright babes, it’s leg day! I’m excited about these posts because I find that legs are one of the fastest areas you’ll notice results in. If you think about it, you use your legs for SO MUCH of your daily activity so when you show them some love in the form of toning exercises, they respond well. At least mine do. These are the videos that always get me quick results. I like to focus on my inner thighs for leg day more than my outer thighs just because my outer thighs (and hamstrings) get so much attention when it’s booty day and it’s important to show equal attention to all parts of your legs. So that’s sort of why I chose the videos below. These videos always get me quick results when I want to tone my legs for an upcoming vacation, event, wedding, etc. or for extra strength so my other workouts go smoothly. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried these before!

Lean and Firm Inner Thighs – Ballet Beautiful

This is NOT easy the first time you try it. I remember thinking “oh well how hard can it be, I train my legs all the time” and then I tried this video and struggled the whole way through. A year later, I can do this two or three times in a row or combine with other videos for a full workout so don’t give up hope. It really does get easier! The day after this workout, you’ll feel a pull in your muscles the next day. It makes you realize how much you actually use your inner thigh muscles without knowing it and in turn, you can understand how truly important it is to train them. Forget about thigh gaps, you use your inner thigh muscles for so many daily functions so it doesn’t matter what your goals is (aesthetics, athletic function, just a more well-rounded workout…) you should be training your inner thighs just for your physical health.

Inner and Outer Thighs Routine – Tone It Up

Can’t say it enough: I LOVE Tone It Up. This workout is from an older version of the Bikini Series. It’s one of my favourite leg workouts of all time and I always come back to it. I definitely recommend stretching after this one or your muscles might be sore. It’s an easy workout but you’ll feel it the next day for sure. I find there’s a good balance of inner and outer thigh moves and a mix of standing and mat moves.


Skinny Leggings Workout – Blogilates

This one is a killer. I love the variety of moves and I always feel this the next day. It’s one of my favourite workouts if I’m short on time and need a quick all-around leg workout. And as a bonus, because you’re working your quads quite a bit you bring your heart rate up and are probably increasing your EPOC for the day (basically means your metabolism spikes).


Hope you enjoyed these videos. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of them before and which ones you find the hardest! Happy leg day!



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